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A Full Stack Developer and a Web Creator with a passion for building great products 😈.

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About Me 😎

I am a Computer Science Engineer and Full Stack Web Developer who has been playing around Web for the last 4-5 years. I ❤️ JavaScript but that doesn't hold me back from trying different things. One can always find me trying and learning about different things like Tech, Space, Science and much more.

I love the idea of innovation and building new things which eventually led me to the journey of startups. I got into Y Combinator's Startup School where I learnt the ins and out of the startup. Now, I understand that it takes a lot more than just code to make a Great Product/s. 😉

I ❤️ Playing With

NodeJS / Serverless


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Emoji Url Shortner

Happy URL(😈😈.ws) is a new platform which allows you to spice up your old school short URLs by adding some emojis into it. Not only this but Happy URL is completely Open Source and anyone contribute. High-Five Devs (👨‍💻👩‍💻).

NextJSTypeScriptAntD React LibraryTailwindGraphQL
📓 Peer to Peer WebRTC Chat App
Fenced Chat

(This project is under development and will be open sourced soon) FencedChat is a secure way to chat with anyone anonymously. As it is based on WebRTC, it provided End to End encryption out of the box and you can chat with anyone, anytime without an account.

Under DevelopmentComing Soon

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I ❤️ to share ideas and read Feedbacks. Feel free to reach me. I check my inbox frequently 😎